Alpha Browser

Interactive browser dedicated for mobile usage.

World's interactive browser for you to search, share and comment any digital content. No cookies, no ads. We advocate digital democracy.

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Is the mobile app available on Google Playstore and Appstore?
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@nathanielcharming Alpha Browser is available on both Google Playstore and App Store. However, we recommend using the iOS version of the app for the best experience possible. Currently, the Android development app is still in progress.
Hello Digitzens! Alpha Browser is a lightweight, socially responsible, and privacy-conscious mobile digital content app. It is designed and developed to help digitally conscious digitzens (digital citizens) to optimize their viewing experience, prevent web addiction and safeguard their personal data and privacy. Alpha Browser has the following unique features: ● It does not employ cookies, nor does it collect personal information and browsing history. ● It employs multiple filters to reduce Ad and phishing pop-ups. ● It employs a unique mechanism called Energy​ to measure the value of digital content in order to encourage the reduction of inferior content and prevent internet addiction. ● Energy​ helps to reduce the development of web addiction, once a user’s daily limit is exhausted,​ Energy​ must be replenished. PLUS: Weekly and Monthly engagements that can help you gain energy and prizes! Join the rest of the digitzens and browse the internet without sacrificing your security and privacy.
@adolfoalarcon thank for your detailed intro
#AlphaBrowser is the fastest and safest mobile browser among all I used and tested. I am surprised that it does not employ cookies at all. To my knowledge in the IT world, #AlphaBrowser is the 1st one to totally abandon the functionality of capturing users' cookie data completely. Also, it's an INTERACTIVE browser. Meaning, you can message and share content with other users directly from Alpha Browser, and don't need to rely on third party social apps. This is fascinating innovation. 👍
I agree with @gcjava's point, Alpha Browser is the first ever interactive browser around. I found it to be very convenient to share my favorite content with anyone (regardless if they are in your social network or not). Another amazing thing is: you can leave your comment on anything, I mean anything with an URL, even when the website does not have the comment input. This is supper cool dude. You can actually go to the FBI or DoD's website to protest.

If you want to share and communicate on the open internet without the limitation of your social network, Alpha Browser is the best all in one tool. It's very useful and powerful just like a Swiss Army knife.


No cookies is captured Share content from Alpha Browser directly, without 3rd party social app. Chat with anyone on without following.


Android version is a little lagging behind