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Alpha - by HeyPiggybank is a brand new product designed and developed by the traders and technologists at HeyPiggybank. After developing a top-100 crypto index and launching to the public in Jan 2018, the team have been at work on a second product based on a new trust index of cryptocurrencies for longer term investment.

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Curious how this compares to Bitwise and other similar offerings.
@rrhoover Glad you asked Ryan! Our advantages over offerings such as Bitwise include: * Simple on-boarding, instant account activation, straightforward KYC. * Easy entry point at ~$1,000, not $25,000 minimums such as Bitwise * Simple to withdrawal at anytime * Our initial launch is geared for EU customers, US coming early 2019. * Bitwise is focused on more institutional investors. * Our methodology is built on trust, less dictated on market-cap by similar offerings. The weighting in the Alpha index is determined by the cryptocurrencies overall score, based on three key criteria. Project, Team and Market capitalization. The weighting is calculated monthly and adjusted accordingly. Project: Scored on the overall viability of the project — Including factors such as previous project milestones reached, technology stack underpinning the solution, active developer contributions, severity of previous security vulnerabilities, the number of nodes in the network, throughput of the system, availability on exchanges for liquidity, and the vision of the project as a whole. Team: Scored by multiple criteria including: Foundation team as a whole, individual founders experience, core developer competence, quality and quantity of investors backing the project, history of the team shipping product milestones and community contributions to the project. Market-Cap: Scored by the coins market capitalization against Bitcoin. We know investing in cryptocurrencies is a volatile game because we have invested in 100 different cryptocurrencies every day for 18 months as part of The Alpha Trusted 20 is the result of this research & development, industry insights, a deep understanding of the underling technologies, and the people behind them.
Hey guys, Alpha look good, and congrats on your PH listing! I would like to offer you to publish an interview about Alpha at (in Startups or Crypto section) please PM me at for more details
@startupradius @paul_shuteyev Thanks Paul, happy to contribute under the startups/crypto section - We will reach out!
Looks grest - But is Alpha accepting customers from Australia?
@mobius_makes_art For our first launch we are accepting customers in the EU - Early 2019 we are aiming to launch in Australia, the US and other regions. In the meantime welcome to signup at and you can be added to the wait-list to be notified once we launch outside of the EU! 🎉
What is the minimum I need to open an account with? (can I pay with a credit-card?)
@chrisnd To open an account with Alpha a €1,000 minimum is required to deposit via wire-transfer. Once received, we purchase the Alpha trusted cypto index and credit to your account, which you can track the performance via the dashboard. Given the high fees credit-card providers are charging their customers to buy crypto, we opted for wire-transfers to reduce friction for our customers.

The mechanism behind the trust index is interesting. Not just market cap, but based on the team behind it and the actual impact of the project.


A trusted selection of crypto that is ranked by more than just market cap


only in Europe