The easiest API stock trading. The easiest algorithmic trading. Powered by Alpaca Trading API, simple REST API for commission-free stock trading for developers to build algorithms and bots with ease. Alpaca is a FINRA registered broker-dealer. (

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I love using Google Sheets for simple trading automation, so this is right up my alley. Is there a blog post explaining how it works in detail, including the code powering the sheet? @umitanuki
@matthewhelmer Great to know you like it! Here is a blog post and working example sheet.
@umitanuki Thanks, I will check it out and sign up for Alpaca. Some additional feedback: I am interested in doing dollar cost averaging for US stocks using Alpaca with this type of setup in a Google Sheet. I did something like this for cryptocurrencies on the exchange Poloniex. Here's what I mean: I will try to modify your sheet to do something similar using Alpaca.
@matthewhelmer that’s perfect! Ask us anything to help you get started!