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We find 3 incredible pieces of writing on the web, have them read aloud by professional narrators, and deliver them to your inbox. Every week.
Premium subscribers get access to an online community to chat, meet new people, and discuss the weekly pieces!
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Hey everyone! Super excited to be sharing Aloud with you all 🙂 Brennie and I constantly scour the internet for good writing, and we read it voraciously. Like many others, we often get frustrated by how time-consuming it is to both find and read the pieces. There are audiobooks for longer forms of writing, and podcasts are great for a more off-the-cuff vibe, but we wanted well-written, human-curated writing from the Internet that we could conveniently listen to. To solve this, we decided to compile our favorite pieces and turn them into audio so that others could enjoy without the hefty time investment of searching and reading. During our Product Hunt launch, you’ll receive two free weeks of a premium subscription if you sign up here! With premium, you get access to three pieces each week for $10/month, whereas with the free version you just receive one each week. With a premium subscription, you also get access to our online community! Hope you all enjoy 😊
Curation matters more and more with so much content being produced nowadays. I’m excited to start receiving these narrated internet jems!
@nicaguilar couldn't agree more! Excited to hear what everyone thinks :)
Love the idea, but at this point, as a completely new user I'm weary of putting my CC just to sign up. Would have much preferred PayPal.
@abdulaziz_al Makes sense! That's not something we can change on our end unfortunately, but feel free to upgrade if/when you feel like it's worth the money : )
Very very cool