Aloha Emails, Season One

Onboarding email breakdowns. 13 chapters to read on Medium.

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Aloha, Season One is a collection of email onboarding breakdowns. We took the best welcome campaigns and onboarding series and analyzed them piece by piece. See how these superstars do it: frequency, content, design, strategy, everything.


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Kevan LeeMaker@kevanlee · Director of Marketing, Buffer
Hello Product Hunt! For the past several months I've been collecting onboarding emails from some of my favorite brands in order to learn their strategies, tips, and secrets. It's quite incredible the variety of onboarding sequences that are out there! I analyzed more than 25 onboarding campaigns from top brands and products, and I narrowed the list down to 13. All 13 onboarding breakdowns are now live on Medium! It's over 10,000 words and 50+ email examples. I'd love to know what you think! (This is also somewhat of an experiment in content. Rather than share these one at a time on a blog, I thought I'd try a "Netflix Model" of publishing all at once for people to binge at their leisure.)
Ty MagninHiring@tymagnin · Dir of Marketing at Appcues
@kevanlee great work on this buddy! We'll be sure to share with Appcues customers. LMK if we can help in any way with the project :)
Kevan LeeMaker@kevanlee · Director of Marketing, Buffer
@tymagnin Thanks, Ty!
Leonardo@leonardofed · founder @
As founder of a product that lets SaaS companies automate product communication through visual workflow, this is GOLD. 💎 Thank you for sharing, Kevan. 👏 Needless to say that I might take inspiration from some of these for our recipes section. :) How did you collect such a huge amount of emails? Some companies design customer onboarding journeys based on how the user interacted (or didn't interact with the product). Under the hood, this is a whole lot more sophisticated than a simple sequence of emails. Like in the screenshot below👇, I'm sending a welcome email based on the job role of the new user Did you create multiple accounts with different interactions to test it?
Kevan LeeMaker@kevanlee · Director of Marketing, Buffer
@leonardofed Yes, really great point, Leonardo. These onboarding campaigns are likely so much more sophisticated than I let on. I probably saw only a sliver. For a couple of the tools, I tested with multiple accounts, but for the most part, the breakdowns only cover one user experience (out of many). Plainflow looks cool btw!
Suprasanna Mishra@suprasannam · Product Manager, Buffer
What a cool way to learn and think about onboarding! Awesome stuff Kevan 😄
Kevan LeeMaker@kevanlee · Director of Marketing, Buffer
@suprasannam Thanks so much, Super. So many good takeaways from this. Would love to rap about them together sometime!
Niharika@niharikamaggo · Marketing Strategist
I've been an avid reader of these teardowns through Kevan's mail list. They really made understanding and learning from onboarding processes very easy for me! Glad to see it on Product Hunt now :)
Kevan LeeMaker@kevanlee · Director of Marketing, Buffer
@niharikamaggo 🤗Thanks, Niharika!
Eugen Oprea@eugenoprea · Creator and Co-founder
Great stuff, Kevan! They are awesome. Can't wait to finish reading everything in Season 1.
Kevan LeeMaker@kevanlee · Director of Marketing, Buffer
@eugenoprea Hi Eugen! Thanks a ton! 🤗