Aloha Browser for Android

Private and secure mobile browser with free unlimited VPN

Aloha Browser is a mobile web browser that provides maximum privacy and security. It includes free and unlimited VPN and powerful downloader

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Hi hunters, It's been a while since we have released Aloha Browser for iOS, and you liked it. Now, we are glad to announce that Android version leaves Beta and is available for public. Aloha Browser is a mobile web browser with security and privacy in mind. It features free and unlimited VPN that works worldwide. Also, there is a powerful and very easy to use downloader included. We have also put VR player right into browser so you can enjoy downloaded VR videos without streaming problems like video freeze . Give it a try! Aloha Browser for Android is available on Google Play or Galaxy Apps, for those who doesn't have Google services on their phones.
Been using Aloha on iOS for a little while now, overall I like the UI more so than Chrome. Was wondering apart from the VPN features, are there any other standout features in the Android version to set it apart from other Android browsers and are there any notable differences between the iOS and Android versions? Thanks
@arthurgd3 Hi, thanks for the questions. Let's start with platform differences. Aloha for Android have the same features as iOS, with some exceptions. First, we use IPSec VPN on iOS and OpenVPN in Android, due to performance issues on older and cheaper phones. Second, we have a slightly different UI on Android, to make it more comfortable for Android users. On iOS we use WebKit as a rendering engine, and we use Chromium fork on Android. Everything else is quite the same - powerful downloader, media player, fast compressed and encrypted VPN connection, extra privacy features, like password locking of private tabs or downloads. In terms of other browsers, first and most notable is that VPN is free, unlimited and very fast. Unlike Opera, who provides VPN for free in exchange for your personal data, we don't write any logs. And you don't need to sign in to use it, so you stay private. Also, we are the first browser on the market that supports VR video playing in a native player. It gives you the best experience when combined with file downloader - no more video lags. So, long story short, when other browsers trying to steal your data to provide you with 'better ads', we are focusing on providing the simplest and the best private browser for every one, even for people who don't know and don't want to know tech stuff. 'It just works' - that's our way.
@frostaloha Thanks for the response. Trying it out now. So far I am liking it more aesthetically than the iOS version. Apple hampers devs more so than Google when it comes to browsers, overall performance feels better on the Android version that on iOS. Will use it as my main browser for now and see if I come across any major issues.
@arthurgd3 Thanks, Arthur. Let me know if you will feel we can do something better