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Remembering to take care of yourself isn't always that easy

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Hi everyone! I'm Amber Discko, formerly social & creative strategist on the @HillaryClinton campaign, @Tumblr, and I used to also be the social media manager behind @DennysDiner. I'm building this app alongside @lickability because I like so many others need this, and you or probably someone you know needs it too. Self-care is taking steps to maintain physical, mental and emotional health. Aloe will be an iOS app (Android later) that brings all the essential self-care tasks together in one place. I'm looking forward to answer any questions, and I'm excited to bring this app to life on Kickstarter!
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@lickability @amberdiscko I'd love to hear what kind of evidence base you're using to build up the kinds of self care elements you're including...
I am SO excited about this. Aloe's community has been incredibly helpful for me and I can't wait to see it turned into an app.
i backed this app on kickstarter. seems really valuable and worthwhile.
@hunterwalk if you don't know @amberdiscko, dude, I HIGHLY recommend chatting with her. I cannot recommend her enough. Right, @sarajchipps?
@amberdiscko @sarajchipps @pe_feeds ty!!!! we r twitter friends :)
I've been following Aloe on Twitter for awhile now, and it's such a delight. I can't wait to see how this transitions over to an app. With such an awesome maker behind it, I'm sure it'll be incredibly helpful and aesthetically adorable.
I've always been a big fan of @amberdiscko as she's built platforms and products that focus on bringing communities together. I HIGHLY recommend you all spread the word and help Aloe grow. Yes, pun intended. Also check out their check-in system and newsletter on their site!!
@pe_feeds Puns appreciated !!! Thank you Sumeet for supporting us always.