Almost Impossible!

A side-scrolling atmospheric puzzle platformer

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The Realmac software guys know their stuff. This soloproject by the founder himself looks like a seriously addicting game for just about anybody. Definitely the first game I'll be playing on the new Apple TV.
Thanks for the kind words. Here's a couple of Promo Codes - Grab 'em while there hot! - WHWNNAMWL9AT - 7L44WXJE6M6H Happy to answer any questions :)
@dancounsell That's awesome! Thanks so much! What would you say was the most difficult aspect of the development process for this game? What was the most rewarding?
@jakecrump The most difficult aspect was definitely getting it all finished up and submitted to the App Store(s). I think by releasing on Mac, iPhone, iPad and AppleTV I bite off a little more than I could chew. Honestly the amount of screenshots and assets required for every platform is insane now. Not to mention the review process… just thinking about it makes me stressed! The more rewarding was seeing the game come to life, and then actually shipping it! Hopefully it'll be even more rewarding when I hear/see people playing the game and saying they like it. Fingers crossed!
@dancounsell Yeah I can imagine that it was a pretty lengthy and in-depth process. It seems to have paid off though! It's a gorgeous game! I didn't realize it was also going to be available for the Apple TV. That's awesome. Did you face any unique challenges with that being a new platform?
@jakecrump @dancounsell I messaged the Product Hunt team a couple of days ago that the AppleTV should be added as a separate platform. There's a whole bunch of cool new stuff coming up soon...
This looks awesome! I really like the lighting in the game. Kind of reminds me of Thomas Was Alone.
Love the simple gameplay, the awesome music, and how addicting it is! Lots of fun. Good work!
Love products that Realmac delivers. This game is another masterpiece from them. Very beautiful graphics and nice gameplay!