Almond Click

Get stuff done with the click of a button.

Been using Almond Click for a couple of days now. It's really easy to set up (in 1 minute) especially when being set up with an Almond router. Once paired Click can be used to control any other devices connected to the Almond router, as well as hundreds of services on IFTTT through the Almond router. Almond Click is really pocket-friendly in terms of size and cost. It's small enough to put on a keychain & costs $29.99 for 3 units in pre-order. Supports one press, two press and long press events.
Thanks @kwdinc Dear Product Hunters! We’re doing an exclusive giveaway on Product Hunt. Just tell us how you want to use Click and we’ll give away an Almond-2015 and a Click 3-pack for the 5 most creative ideas. I want to highlight a few other things about Almond Click 1) A 3-pack is available at a special pre-order price of $29.99 2) You can link it to any IFTTT action. Only your imagination is the limit! 3) Almond Click allows three types of presses - One Press, Two Press and Long Press. And each type can be programmed as you please. 4) You can also use it as a physical shortcut for any smarthome action or scene -Use it as a connected doorbell with Almond 3’s programmable siren -Create a 2-way switch with a $10 Zigbee bulb and 2 Clicks, -Have one on the bedside to turn off all lights without messing with your phone -Set Movie or Dinner scene, etc.. Click brings the digital back to the physical, and does it faster. Its easier to press a button (~1.5 sec) to accomplish an action rather than fumbling for your phone, find an app and accomplish the task (15-25 sec)
@rammalasani I knew what I'd use it for the second I saw this! Perhaps not the most creative idea in and of itself but there are some routines I find really difficult to fix in and stick to (flossing comes to mind). By using IFTTT with Click I'd create a button to press each time I remember to floss. Upon pressing, it would add an all day event to Google Calendar saying that I'd remembered to do it. After a week or so the continuous streak of having remembered to do it and seeing evidence of that in my Calendar would help drive and remind me to keep doing it and avoid the wrath of my dental hygienist.
@davepaliwoda that's a very clever way to develop a new habit :) We wanted it to be like a digital post-it with each Almond Click tied to a few simple actions. I have 5 of them on my desk.
@kwdinc Put a Click behind a locked glass box. When pressed, it wipes your computer's hard drive.
I would use this for an elder care scenario - there are panic buttons today for emergencies but this could be configured so that one press results in a text/email being sent to say all children causing them to call (so "Uber for a call from a close one"), two presses resulting in a non-urgent visit from a nurse and a long press resulting in an urgent visit (with notifications sent to others).
Couple of thoughts. I need to record time for different projects, so could have a few of them on the desk to do time tracking. Assign a different project to each and click each time you switch. Also, as a parent, it would be handy to turn off wifi for kids devices on a click! One press for off / on. Long press for a set amount of downtime. Good luck with it! Cheers.
@ichillidesign Thanks Craig! You could actually tie up to 3 projects to each Click, with the one press, two press and long press. The parental control idea sounds great as well.
@vamsikvaranasi @rammalasani Who are the winners of the giveaway? Be good to know!
I'd make one an "I love you" button to text my girlfriend "I ❤ you!" with a single press, "just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you" with a double press, and "on my way!" with long press. Probably with more emoji. edit: I asked a student what he'd like to do. He'd set one press to turn on airplane mode, start a pump up playlist to work out and turn up the volume, set lights to the right mood, and log work out start time in Google Sheet. The double press would end the playlist and return volume to normal, turn airplane mode off, set lights to normal, and log end time of workout in Sheets. Long press would share workout time and duration to Twitter and group text to encourage/challenge friends. Seems legit to me!
@jkdncn Very cool! That's what I call true love :)
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