Powerful configurations for macOS

Almighty is a convenient and easy to use macOS menu bar application that exposes powerful configurations for your mac
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@onmyway133 Any chance I can help you with a better app icon?
Hi, I'm thrilled to announce my next macOS app. Almighty is a convenient and easy to use macOS menu bar application that exposes powerful configurations for your mac. This simplifies tedious settings, and allows fantastic controls that we can only do through verbose Apple scripts or command lines There are many features, and the list is growing 🌅 Launch at login 👻 Show hidden files in Finder 🖼 Save screenshots to Downloads folder (By default screenshots are saved in Desktop) 🛑 Stop macOS release notification (Stop alert for installing new major release of macOS) 🚫 Stop macOS software update notification 🙈 Minimize all windows (Reveal the desktop with all windows minimized) 👮‍♀️ Stop iTunes (Stop iTunes from automatically opening) 👀 Toggle file extensions in Finder (By default, certain file extensions are hidden) 👮 Stop Photos (Stop Photos from automatically opening) 🤠 Show full path in Finder (Show full path in Finder title bar) 🎃 Hide desktop icons (Hide all desktop icons visibility) 🌃 Launch screensaver (Launch your default screensaver) 🏖 Clear clipboard (Clear all items in clipboard) ☀️ Keep macOS awake (Prevent macOS from going to sleep mode) 🌙 Do not disturb (Turn on 'do not disturb' mode when external screens are connected, this is to avoid unwanted notifications under presentation) ⌨️ Lock keyboard (Disable built-in keyboard for cleaning. Screen and touchpad function as normal. For machines with HID driver keyboard, this can lock keyboard but can't unlock) ⚓️ Hide dock (Show instruction to hide dock by using keyboard shortcut) 🏄‍♀️ Clean keyboard (Easy cleaning mode that you can clean your keyboard) ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ There is a strange problem that occurs only when distributing via Gumroad. If you get warning about "damaged and can’t be opened" when opening Almighty, you can disable GateKeeper by by running `sudo spctl --master-disable` in Terminal Then type `spctl --status` to see that you have `assessments disabled` Now right click on Almighty and select Open, allow the app to open and you should be good to go ⚠️⚠️⚠️ I continue working on new features, if you have any suggestions, please contact me
@onmyway133 May be you can also add something to find all large files in system so memory can be cleaned.
@evivz Him, good idea, I will try to do that
@onmyway133 This strange problem seems due to code-signing issues.. there is also a xattr command you could use instead of disabling the GK altogether perhaps
Huge. This replaces alot of smaller single use apps i use daily. Love it!
Love the UI and the idea. I will give it a try!