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AleksandraHiring@aleks_muse · Maker @ Tealosophy, Supergirls
Great job @stasmatv and the team. Looks sleek 👌🏻 Good addition to the app. Also, good to see more and more cities you are covering now. What are your next plans?
Stas MatviyenkoMakerHiring@stasmatv · CEO at Allset
@aleks_muse Thanks! We are now working on expansion to Seattle. In addition to lunch service, we are adding dinner and brunch options.
AleksandraHiring@aleks_muse · Maker @ Tealosophy, Supergirls
@stasmatv good luck! :)
Stas MatviyenkoMakerHiring@stasmatv · CEO at Allset
Hey, guys! I’m the CEO and founder at Allset, the restaurant dining service with a strong following in SF, NYC, Chicago, Boston, and Austin. I bet you guys love restaurants with great food, so I wanted to invite everyone to give us a try. Allset allows you to dine out with more confidence and no wait times. How it works: you book a table and order your meal before you arrive at the restaurant. Upon arrival, the restaurant seats and serves you immediately. The check is paid, so you can leave when you want. It’s that simple. We have lunch, brunch, and dinner friendly restaurants that will be happy to serve you. You can give us a try here: (available on web and app) Allset has become the favorite way to dine out for thousands of busy professionals. It would be great if you give us a try too! Use code PHUNT at checkout for a $10 off your first order. Happy to know what you think and answer any questions.
Yaroslav@ynaumenko · Tech-geek
Good job guys! Recently tried Allset in NYC. Everything fine! Go ahead and good luck!