Allset 2.0

Enjoy lunch served on your time at restaurant in SF and NYC.

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Just used it and the UI is pretty great. Will see if the experience is as good in the restaurant in couple of hours:)
Just came back from the restaurant. Although the place was packed, we were seated immediately, served food 10 minutes later and done with our lunch within 25 minutes. The food was awesome by the way.
@ehevich Thank you! Appreciate your feedback!
@ehevich which place did you try it at?
@_jacksmith Aquitaine Wine Bistro, San Francisco. At 12:30 which is the lunch rush hour here.
San Francisco's fast dining app Allset has officially arrived in NYC! We’re on a mission to help people reclaim their lunch break in the busiest city in the world. Discover our premier restaurant partners in NYC, including Palma, Black Barn, Les Halles, Mari Vanna, Numero 28, Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room and Brasserie Cognac. Check out more great options in the app. Today is a perfect day to order your lunch & invite friends with Allset. We can't wait for you to try it out! Enter code JACKSMITH in the app for $10 lunch credits. I'm here to answer all your questions!
These guys just launched their 2.0 on techcrunch today: I have been following them closely since their launch, and wanted to share their new invite feature with you all. This is the only app that allows you to order and pay for sit-down lunch before arrival, and now it also lets you invite friends to “join” your table and order/pay on their own. Now your friends can seamlessly join you for lunch without the hassle of splitting the bill later. The team at Allset was nice enough to create a special promo code just for Product Hunt readers. Enter JACKSMITH in the app for $10 in credits then try them out in SF or NYC - and remember to invite a friend!
great app with very nice team. good luck, guys!
FInally diners with tight schedules can eat lunch at restaurants in under 30 minutes. No more waiting for table, food and check. No more having to choose between fast food, takeout and lunch-al-desko.