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Hi awesome people! I am Stas, co-founder of Allset. We are super excited to hear your feedback on the app. Our mission is to save time for business people during lunch and bring even better restaurant experience at the same time. Give it a try! Shoot us an email with the subject "Product Hunt" to get a promo code. Cheers!
Love the initial product. Excited for the future of dining. BTW: the whole team from Ukraine. Love it.
Looks like this app can save a LOT of time for busy people. Looking forward to try it at some fancy place close to my office.
@4i4i4 Thanks for your support! Appreciate it.
Tried Allset beta and loved it. The app helps to spend your lunch time effectively.
Hi Hunters! I am co-founder of Allset and I'd like to mention that more great restaurants are coming very soon. We'd love to hear you feedback, questions and how we can make Allset better.