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Hey everyone! This is Davis Smith, the founder of Cotopaxi. My family moved to the developing world when I was four years old, so I grew up traveling and adventuring. Those experiences as a child and teen really shaped me, and I became a lover of adventure travel. I've camped in the Sahara, kayaked from Cuba to Florida, trekked from Belize to Panama (crossing every border by foot), floated the Amazon, and explored North Korea. That said, I've always struggled to find the perfect adventure bag. I've spent the last year with our design team developing and testing prototypes. After nearly 18 months, we've finally nailed a bag that every adventurer and traveler should own. I hope you all love this bag as much as I do! https://www.indiegogo.com/projec...
@davismsmith ultimate adventure pack is a big claim, but looking at the video and features, the Allpa doesn't just support adventure, it inspires it. Congrats!
Thanks, @airjoshb! We're certainly excited about it, and the early traction with backers. Thanks for the support and shout out!
wow. best backpack i've seen a long time.