Simple allowance and financial allocation tracking for kids

Allowcation lets you and your child track allowance, financial allocations, and purchases. All without having to deal in cash. As an added bonus, your child can see how much their money would be worth if it had been invested in bitcoin.
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Hey all! My wife and I started giving our kids allowance a year or so ago and it's been so frustrating. We don't generally carry cash, so having to remember to get cash out to pay the kids' allowances was tough. And when we forgot, that meant we had to track how much we owed them for the next week. In addition to those frustrations, kids lose everything...including money. So, unless we managed the cash for them, there was a good chance some of the cash would end up lost. For all these reasons, I built this simple allowance tracking app. It's built on Blockstack for simple, secure authentication, so my kids could actually have their own user accounts if we want them to. It also has a feature where my kids can see what their money would be worth in bitcoin if they had invested there instead of holding/spending the cash. Let me know what you all think!
Good idea to teach kids about investment and crypto currencies as well. Thumbs up!
Cool idea spelling mistakes tho :(
@john_cooper2 Hi John! Good catch, but do you actually mean "mistakes" or "mistake"? I found "allownace" and have fixed that. Don't see anything else, but I could easily be missing something.