AI-powered time tracking and resource planning

Allocate is the time tracking solution you’ve dreamt of - using machine and deep learning algorithms, Allocate automates your time tracking and gets better each time you use it.

For teams, use Allocate’s resource planning to easily plan, staff, and deliver profitable projects.

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Hey Product Hunt! After 1.5 years in development, we’re so excited to finally be launching Allocate. Allocate is an AI-powered time tracking and resource planning solution for freelancers and service-based professionals. Let’s first talk about the AI-powered time tracking. Using machine and deep learning algorithms developed at Stanford, Allocate completely reinvents how time tracking is done. Once you connect your data sources (calendar, email, and computer activity), just work as usual. When it’s time to log your time, hop over to Allocate to review and submit your timesheet. At first, it’ll be better than manually tracking your time, but won’t be 100% automatic. Over time, however, Allocate’s learning algorithms learn about your work and will then automatically complete your timesheet for you. We imagine a future where you work as usual, and at the end of the week you simply review that your AI-generated timesheet is correct. Onto the next topic, Allocate’s resource planning solution. Resource planning is built for teams who need to plan projects, track time against the plan, and use that data to improve how they estimate for projects in the future. It’s called the project delivery cycle and Allocate is built to help you improve it, and as a result, improve your project profitability and margin. The best part? Allocate isn’t in private beta - you can actually try it right now :) Just go to this link to get started:

I found that Allocate also has a good customer support team. Whenever I had a question they got back to me quickly.


+ Extremely easy to use

+ It finds events across different apps and is smart enough to link them

+ Price/quality compared to competitors


- Your behavior needs to be predictable for Allocate. E.g. right naming of files or events become important.

Allocate has greatly streamlined our time management, allowing our company to dedicate resources to other tasks. After moderate usage, Allocate’s recommendations for adding time to the time sheet are spot on. Thanks Allocate!


Significantly saves company time for increased productivity.


I would love to see an iOS app refresh 😁

I have been using Allocate as a resourcing tool at a busy consultancy. It's great! Helps plan resource and timings across multiple projects. Recommend!
@rrorry Thanks for the kind words Rory! We've loved working with you and refining the resourcing side of Allocate :-)

I've used a lot of personal app tracking apps, but have struggled trying to get one we could use as a team that actually added value. It's been helpful.


Simple, smart, affordable


None yet