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Allocate is the time tracking solution you’ve dreamt of - using machine and deep learning algorithms, Allocate automates your time tracking and gets better each time you use it.

For teams, use Allocate’s resource planning to easily plan, staff, and deliver profitable projects.

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  • Spencer P ShulemFounder, WeDo

    Simple, smart, affordable


    None yet

    I've used a lot of personal app tracking apps, but have struggled trying to get one we could use as a team that actually added value. It's been helpful.

    Spencer P Shulem has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Clean interface, makes it easy. Starts to get smarter over time.


    None yet, simple usage so far

    Allocate works smoothly, the people in the company are very responsive and friendly to help with anything or listen to your feedback, and it gets better over time so you get more out of it.

    Sarah McDevitt has used this product for one week.


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Erik ZahnleckerMaker@erikz · Allocate
Hey Product Hunt! After 1.5 years in development, we’re so excited to finally be launching Allocate. Allocate is an AI-powered time tracking and resource planning solution for freelancers and service-based professionals. Let’s first talk about the AI-powered time tracking. Using machine and deep learning algorithms developed at Stanford, Allocate completely reinvents how time tracking is done. Once you connect your data sources (calendar, email, and computer activity), just work as usual. When it’s time to log your time, hop over to Allocate to review and submit your timesheet. At first, it’ll be better than manually tracking your time, but won’t be 100% automatic. Over time, however, Allocate’s learning algorithms learn about your work and will then automatically complete your timesheet for you. We imagine a future where you work as usual, and at the end of the week you simply review that your AI-generated timesheet is correct. Onto the next topic, Allocate’s resource planning solution. Resource planning is built for teams who need to plan projects, track time against the plan, and use that data to improve how they estimate for projects in the future. It’s called the project delivery cycle and Allocate is built to help you improve it, and as a result, improve your project profitability and margin. The best part? Allocate isn’t in private beta - you can actually try it right now :) Just go to this link to get started:
I have been using Allocate as a resourcing tool at a busy consultancy. It's great! Helps plan resource and timings across multiple projects. Recommend!
David FlatowMaker@flatowpotato · @Stanford Statistics Data Science
@rrorry Thanks for the kind words Rory! We've loved working with you and refining the resourcing side of Allocate :-)
Nikolaus Volk@nikolaus_volk · Engineer
This looks cool! I haven’t seen much of you guys online. Have you already launched? If so, how’s your traction?
Erik ZahnleckerMaker@erikz · Allocate
@nikolaus_volk Hey Nikolaus! Thanks for the message. It's a good question. While we don’t divulge who our clients our, I can proudly say that Allocate has a nice list of advertising agencies, lawyers, freelancers, design firms, consultants, and non-profits as customers. The initial feedback has been very positive. Have a look at our reviews on Capterra:
Eli Pollak@elipollak
I have really enjoyed using Allocate to get a better for how I'm spending my time!
Erik ZahnleckerMaker@erikz · Allocate
@elipollak Thanks Eli! We've enjoyed having you as a customer!
Loek Janssen@loek_janssen
Congrats on launching Allocate! Since you need to capture information about peoples’ work day in order to automate time tracking, how do you guys think about security and privacy of your users’ data?
David FlatowMaker@flatowpotato · @Stanford Statistics Data Science
Hey @loek_janssen! We're very serious and careful when it comes to security and privacy. First I want to make it very clear that Allocate was not made for employers to spy on their employees -- rather we made Allocate to make time tracking easier for everyone. All of the data we collect has a single purpose: to help that individual log time. That's it. Only they can see/use the date. Second, in terms of security we use industry standard security practices to keep your data safe which you can read more about here:
Loek Janssen@loek_janssen
@flatowpotato Thank you for the link to your security program!