Beauty products for busy women

Alleyoop's products (think shower-free shaving, hair-inhibiting deodorant and 4-in-1 makeup brushes) are a love letter to busy lifestyles and a rebellion against products that slow women down.
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Thanks for hunting Alleyoop, @taylormajewski! Hi Product Hunters! I'm Leila Kashani, Founder & CEO of Alleyoop. I created Alleyoop because I was busy growing my career and felt overwhelmed by the pressure to keep up with today’s expectations of beauty and body care. I was determined to create a brand that finally kept up with our generation of women. We have less time and more to do than ever before, so we're on a mission to create overachieving products for overachieving women :) As Taylor mentioned, our cruelty-free and TSA-approved products are a love letter to busy lifestyles, with every single product carrying double (and even triple or quadruple) duty so you spend less time applying your products and more time doing the things that matter to you most. Feel free to ask me or our team anything!
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I feel seen.
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@taylormajewski Cracked me up like a baby
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Looks like THE tool for travelers ^ ^
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