Travel itineraries made by everyday tastemakers, $8 a day

Allcall turns cool kids and local tastemakers into modern travel agents through a peer-to-peer platform that offers curated itineraries.
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I’m all for being able to delete yelp off my phone once and for all!
Hi Product Hunt community! I’m Natasha the founder of Allcall. We are a travel platform that provides curated itineraries to modern travelers, planned and sold by people who are obsessed with travel. Today we launched our beta and I’d love for you to check it out and give us your feedback! A bit more about our story. I started working on Allcall about a year ago, because I saw a problem. All of my friends and I spend the majority of our disposable income on travel, yet the way we plan and book our vacations is totally broken. It’s clunky, time-consuming, and outdated. Modern travelers do not trust travel agents or online booking platforms to know what is cool or current. Instead, we ask each other. We spend hours scrolling Instagram for personal tips that dictate our travel decision. I knew there had to be a better solution. Enter Allcall, a peer-to-peer marketplace for travel itineraries with travelers on one side, guides on the other. Guides are local tastemakers, Instagram influencers, or someone like myself. I constantly receive emails asking for recommendations from my most recent trip, and would love a way to monetize my “Natasha’s Paris Recs” email. Using Allcall, guides curate perfect itineraries for travelers looking for that ‘in the know’ experience. All that to say, check it out! We have over 25 locations with perfect vacation days awaiting you. We’re so pumped to share with you our beta and are all ears for feedback, thoughts, questions or just to nerd out on travel. Thanks!!!! Natasha
WOWOWOWOWOWOWWOW. I love this concept. I love this design. I love this branding. I love that this product actually listened to the market and created a modern (and tech-y) solution that other people can benefit from monetarily. Sign me up.
Thanks @rachlololol! I love that you get it!
Love it! Love the founder more