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Andrew Zusman
Andrew ZusmanHunter@uxandrew · UX Designer
I wasn't so busy in the past, but with trying to organize events and trying to launch my own startup tools like this are priceless.
Danielle Cocanougher
Danielle CocanougherMaker@lonestarcity · Allcal
Thanks Andrew! We're trying to create a much more natural way of scheduling all the stuff in your life. We call it social planning, and its based on the idea that you shouldn't be creating events - you should be linked to events. Your friend should be able to share the Tuesday Happy Hour event with you, and send you an automatic update when he changes the bar last-minute. Your father, sister, or partner should be able to create a family calendar that has all the important dates in one place - birthdays, graduations, anniversaries..think of the marriages we could save! Allcal is also a public calendar and scheduling platform, that venues, organizations, or taste-makers can use to share information about events with the public. You can even embed your group's Allcal calendar right in your website. This is just the beginning, and we'd love your input. We want to solve your most complicated scheduling needs, so if you have a doozy - try us! Email me directly at or tweet @allcalapp.