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#1 Product of the DayMarch 10, 2020
It's pirate radio... but for streaming!
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Whenever media becomes inaccessible, piracy thrives again - from the 1960’s BBC 1-hour limit on pop music to the iTunes store mp3 tyranny of the 00s. Today, All The Streams comes in response to the fragmentation and walled-garden paradigm that has risen to prominence for online video streaming services. All The Streams doesn’t care about user-utility, it doesn’t care about scalability - and it certainly doesn’t care about terms of service! All The Streams is made to revel in platform independence and to demonstrate how even the most lo-fi hacks can be the equal of giants. At a time where “up next” tends to be hot algorithmic garbage, pirate radio offers up the idiosyncrasy of human decision across an unrestricted breadth of choice. We’re going to play anything and everything we feel like. We’re going to make a Frankensteinian playlist of media that none of these streaming platforms could ever recommend to you because it would cost them the profits of their exclusively-owned content. Sit back and enjoy the ride: like all pirate media offerings, we do this for you.
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For the second time this week, I'm disappointed to see ProductHunt condoning piracy.
Honestly... I spend way too much time just browsing and choosing something to watch... Thanks for taking on the hard decisions for us 🙌 😭
@kimberly_li we feel your pain
@kimberly_li Maybe to let friends decide what you watch. @15greenberg This is awesome. Been loving the MSCHF drops. I'm on your sms list.
This is dope 🔥
Another awesome drop from MSCHF that demonstrates how well they balance humor, social commentary, and legitimately great product experiences. Just watched an old Game of Thrones episode for way longer than I am willing to admit…no spoilers please.
@jamesruben spoiler alert dumbledore dies in season six