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The page automatically updates every minute so keep it open.
I'm passionate about all-tech, so I was always checking out several sites, couple of times a day. That's when I've decided to build AllTechNews, so that I can stop chasing the news and have news coming to me :) If you think the site is missing a certain feature or can be improved in any way, please let me know
@tonixx based on work I did at a previous company, including industry specific tech news sources, there are over 350 sources for this kind of news.
@clarecorthell I did my best and managed to find only 45 good sources for tech news. Is it possible to share your list with me? Here's my email: tonixx [at] gmail [dot] com. Thx!
Is it a raw stream of updates from each source? Does it filter and prioritize breaking stories? I'm going to monitor this for a little bit, seems like a good way to keep a pulse on the macro level... though I'd really like to see news by city: Boston specifically... perhaps you can save that dev work for a rainy day and release a new update ;)
@kylewaring agreed, or a topic within tech - micro level
Just what I've always wanted!
Was looking for something like this! It looks amazing :)
@tylerballl I'm glad you like it! Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements