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Your messengers in one place. Easy and free Chrome app.

#5 Product of the DayJuly 25, 2016

All-in-One Messenger helps you manage all of your message platforms in a single one. It is convenient if you are tired of switching between the apps. It gives you desktop notifications and your response is just one click away.

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Hello hunters, we've worked on this for the last couple of weeks and it's slowly gaining traction. It started as a side project because we all loved the idea so much as we're wrestling with many different communication platforms each day. It's very interesting to see that while mobile apps tend to become native, a lot of these platforms are using the web on desktop computers. That's what allows All-in-One Messenger to provide the same experience as intended by the platform provider. There's currently around 4.5k users and we have received a lot of positive feedback, especially from Chrome OS users. Developing a Chrome app allowed us to focus on things like getting audio and video to work properly (for Google Hangouts and Facebook calls) instead of setting up a cross-platform build and deployment infrastructure.
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@aflatter This is a really good idea! It's always nice to have everything in one place. Really looking forward to trying it out.
@cathy_trainor Can you please contact me at Thanks!
@aflatter Great tool. Really enjoying it. - Any chance you'll add Linkedin Messaging? - Also, would you be able to add a "new message badge" to the icon toolbar, the same way WhatsApp windows app does it?
@brudrrr Glad you like it! As for the "new message badge": I can definitely see how this is useful. We're already working on this, but we might face the limits of Chrome Apps here. As for LinkedIn: their messaging feature is connected to their website and can not be used separately. This is a problem for us because we would have to remove the navigation bar etc. to fit it into our app. We have been avoiding these things as they tend to break stuff. I've added your request to our issue tracker, maybe we can work something out.
How does this compare to Franz or Rambox?
@bentossell First of all, both Franz and Rambox are great apps. Our take on this topic is a little bit different, as All-in-One Messenger is a Chrome app. This means that Chrome is required, but it makes the app size a lot smaller. In addition to that: * The app passed the review of the Chrome webstore * Facebook Messenger calls (video/audio) just work. * You can use multiple Google Hangout instances. * It runs on Chrome OS. * It updates automatically.
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@aflatter cool. I'll be sure to give it a test run :)
@bentossell i like that the app doesn't need any permissions (camera and mic are optional) :)
@aflatter but how is it substantially different from Franz?
@bedobry Hi Eugene, the basic idea is the same, it's a multi messenger based on the concept that all popular messaging platforms provide a web client. Our app piggybacks on Chrome, which makes it a little bit slimmer and also makes our target audience a different one.
If you have any questions or support requests about the All-in-One Messenger App feel free to ask us anything. E-Mail: Support:
One app that unifies them all. Really great approach and wooow for Chrome! :)
Congrats! It seems like a great software, can't wait to try it.