All Hours 2.0

Find bars, restaurants, shops etc by their opening times!

I had friends visiting the other week in london and wish I had htis then. It got to 3 am and we were strapped at finding anywhere open that wasn't closing soon. Retweeted
@mannyorduna we were featured on the AppStore today 🤓
Hi again Product Hunt, A few years back when I was young and naive and looking for work I decided the best thing to do was to 'beef' up my portfolio with a brand new app. Everything I had built before that had been to teach myself the fundamentals of mobile development so to say they were bad would be an understatement (the Will Ferrel soundboard that caught the eye of Sony Entertainments legal department was by far the worst). At the time I had just moved into a new place and didn't know the area very well but could not find any decent apps for finding cool new bars and shops I the area. And finding places that were actually open was another thing entirely. I decided that there must be a better solution - an app that would make it easy to find places that were actually open at the time of looking. I spent several weeks building All Hours and released it with pretty much zero fan-fair. In short, the response was, as you can imagine underwhelming. I didn't know how to market it and although the concept was fantastic the execution left a lot to be desired in terms of design (that's what feedback told me). So just like that it sank into the ether of the AppStore to be forgotten by everyone, including myself. That was until very recently when I released the beta of Grado (my first personal project since All Hours) a lot of people asked me if this meant there would be no update to All Hours. As I was very focused on Grado not to mention super busy with shitty freelance projects night and day trying to keep myself afloat financially, I always said that there wouldn't be another version. But the question kept coming and I began to think about it more. (Don't worry, we're almost at the end) Skip forward to a few weeks back. I had just finished one of the most stressful jobs and underpaid projects I had ever taken on. I needed a release! I needed a new project, something that would challenge me and right away I thought of All Hours. This time I spent a lot of time designing the UX. it needed to be highly functional and responsive but deliver the right amount of rich data, and this is what I came up with! It took about 3 weeks to code as I built it from the ground up as it was so different from the first version there wasn't much I could use at all. The App itself is by far from perfect and is missing features and has a few bugs which will be added and changed in the coming weeks depending on the response. But to say I am proud of this would be an understatement, I just hope you all like it as much as I do! All feedback and question is very much welcome. Thanks for reading and enjoy the app! - Joe P.s retweeting a link to All Hours will get you a free promo code. Just include the handle @northernsparkuk or @thebarbican19 and I will DM you.
@thebarbican19 nice work. Where does all the opening hours info come from? Just curious as you can likely google most the places and it tell you the opening hours, and also apps like Foursquare often have this info too
@bentossell the data comes from Google. Yes your right sometimes you can just google the time of a place. But All Hours is built around around discovery, for instance on a night out you can find the pubs and clubs that are opened the latest. Or on Sundays find the cafes that are open for breakfast. Thanks for the comment.