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Search engine for consumers to research officially published US hospitals prices in one places. May search by keyword, sort, filter results. 5M+ prices in the database and growing

  • Evan J Zimmerman
    Evan J ZimmermanEntrepreneur, VC, writer

    They gathered all the CMS mandated hospital spreadsheets in one place.


    Doesn't even take short codes and turn them into something comprehensible.

    Someone is going to do something with this data. But it will take more than this. Insurance rates are very different than what people actually pay. You need to have a good way to figure it out. That's just not here.

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  • Ethan Steininger
    Ethan SteiningerSoftware Engineer & Biohacker



    Bare bones, maybe you should have waited a bit to release?

    I've done something similar for healthcare costs now defunct:

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Ethan Steininger
Ethan Steininger@ethans100 · Software Engineer & Biohacker
Seems very bare bones. No geography search?
Eugene Mironic
Eugene MironicMaker@emironic · Programmer and entrepreneur
@ethans100 thanks, this will be added soon.
Eugene Mironic
Eugene MironicMaker@emironic · Programmer and entrepreneur
Hi, We need more transparency in healthcare! This project is trying to bring transparency by providing a way to view and search price lists from hospitals at one place.
Jonathan Richman
Jonathan Richman@jonmrich · GM, Roadtrippers
Seems like it would be fairly critical to include the sources for these prices or even who made this to give some credibility to what's shown.
Thijs Sondag
Thijs Sondag@thijs_sondag
awesome! Made something similar in the Netherlands.
Eugene Mironic
Eugene MironicMaker@emironic · Programmer and entrepreneur
@thijs_sondag awesome and congratulations on great websiote! What do patients like most on your website?
Brandon Doyle
Brandon Doyle@travelintweeter · Founder, Wallaroo Media
This is amazing! Should be getting way more attention. Great job!