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A list of all front-end and design conferences

#4 Product of the WeekJanuary 08, 2020
A list of all design and front-end conferences around the world. You can filter by type, sort by date, and (soon) filter by country.
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Hey, friends! This is a simple list of design conferences for 2020. Right now the list is super lightweight. Looking to add filter by country next, more categories, and maybe a search thingy. If you know of an event or meetup we might have missed, please add it in the Submit form or just send me a DM on This was inspired by the work of @lisadziuba with their amazing lists. You can clone this site in Webflow so you can build your own list of things with filters: I hope you find this valuable :)
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@lisadziuba @pablostanley I've been a fan of yours since the early days of your awesome Youtube channel. Some of the best Sketch resources at the time were from you! Congrats on your launch! This is a really useful list! We launched a similar concept on PH around authentic and well intentioned tech conferences called - Maybe we can collab and x-list some of the great design conferences you've found?! We already both seem to be fans of ! Cheers and all the best! - Atif
@pablostanley congratulations on the launch! Naming and branding are amazing. I really like the style of the banner you made for Product Hunt. Colors, styles of letters, their position, and composition, in general, are very pleasant to the eyes. I'd even make a poster from it :) Definitely, it's quite hard to interact with content and filter in the GitHub repository. Thanks for making it, Pablo!
This is amazing! I've searched for this, and as a location independent website designer who is frequently found on different continents... I've had tabs of front-end conferences open for different locations. Thank you!
yay for webflow 😍 thanks for making this nifty feed!
This is great. Thanks for sharing webflow template as well. 😊