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A website that aggregates every crypto job online to one feed.

Multiple custom crawlers and APIs are used to make this site the one-stop source for crypto job-seekers looking for all opportunities in the industry.

Daily job digest emails are available and our bots auto-post the latest jobs every hour to Twitter, Telegram, Slack, and Facebook.

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Great Resource! What is in your stack? How long did it take you to build? Can you add a search field? It takes a lot of digging to find certain jobs ex. remote, growth, or front-end dev dope🚬🚬
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@dredurr Thanks for the feedback, Dre! *What is in your stack?* - Python, Django, MySQL, Linux and some others (the usual suspects) *How long did it take you to build?* - All in, about 60 hours across 3 weeks (intensive evenings and weekends) *Can you add a search field?* - Great question. We actually did develop a very solid search function that uses a raw keyword allocation structure. you can use it to search for skills very accurately. However, we're also making "search by location" accurately possible within the next week. With that, we'll pop the full search function back on the site so it can do all these lovely things for you. ⚡ I'll be popping up our "roadmap" onto the site this weekend. This will detail the next features/developments we're working on and the dates those are scheduled to be implemented.
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@dredurr Search field has been added, Dre! 🙌
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Hey PH! Maker here ✏️ Why have I built this? ---- There are already over 12 "crypto-only" online job boards as well as hundreds of crypto jobs being posted across major general job sites every week. I build this website because it makes staying on top of all the latest job opportunities in crypto 1000% easier for such job seekers. Now crypto job-seekers only need this one resource to stay freshly up-to-date with every single job opportunity within the hour it is published online ⚡. I also made it super easy to subscribe/follow hourly updates via Twitter, Telegram, Slack, Facebook and email by creating clever little bots that do this automatically to all those platforms. Feedback, feedback, feedback! ---- The site is freshly launched, so I would absolutely love feedback from you, the PH community! Found a bug? Let me know. Have some constructive notes? Share them! I popped a feedback box on the site so it's easy to share your thoughts. Thank you 🙏
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🔥 FEATURE UPDATE [May 25, 2018]: I've added in an accurate search function that allows users to search jobs by specific skills (e.g. 'python', 'photoshop', 'html5', etc). 🔥 FEATURE UPDATE [June 1, 2018]: Built Discord bot (joining our small army of Telegram, Slack, Twitter, and Facebook bots!) to allow users of that platform to join a channel therein and receive hourly notifications of all the latest crypto jobs in the world!

Hard to know where to look for jobs in this emerging market. Allcryptojobs makes career searching very easy


Easier than hunting across different sites. Very intuitive and slick design.



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Thanks for the feedback, Roger. Much appreciated!
Good work!
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@rlvl Thanks, Rudy!
Who's doing community cryptocurrencies for economic development in the USA, as is being done by Bancor in Kenya? Thanks!