Co-produce change with the world's best creatives.

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Hey Everyone! Founder of Aligned here. I am hoping to get some feedback on this new thing we’ve created. Our mission is to celebrate creative change by connecting passionate supporters with the world’s most talented creatives to affect positive social and/or environmental change. We will be turning supporters into active co-producers on the back of the biggest creative content generator out there, Instagram. Recently, we have been thinking about all the news out there about Pussy Riot, Ai Wei Wei or JR and how fascinated people and brands are with creative solutions to social and/or environmental topics. We thought there was a massive opportunity to efficiently connect these groups to produce more content around the world and leverage the stories for positive change. Think co-production/media. Support is provided on a subscription bases and fund all new projects. A creator is funded once the project is posted to the gallery. You will be able to search vertically by creative profession or horizontally, by social and/or environmental theme. Looking forward to hearing comments or feedback – ask me anything!