Alien Skin Exposure X3

Latest version of of this capable RAW editor

Exposure X3 is the the latest incarnation of Aline Skin's RAW processing software bringing many new features and making it a worthy competitor or companion to Lightroom.

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1 Review5.0/5

Alien Skin has gone out of it's way to make the transition from Lightroom to Exposure X3 as simple as possible. Many of the keystrokes used within Lightroom have been duplicated making the switch (or even integration) from Lightroom simple and painless.

You'll immediately notice a speed increase over it's ageing and somewhat sluggish competitor.

I'm only one day into my 30 day trial, but I can already see that this could be the app that finally can topple Lightroom. I might be getting my credit card out before the 30 days is up.


Fast, Uses many familiar keystrokes from Lightroom, automatically picks up Lightroom flags and ratings.


None so far