Discover how YouTube's algorithm may affect French elections

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Hi everyone, I'm very glad to introduce you to the 1st project of AlgoTransparency (@helloalgo). Our organization aim to inform citizens regarding the workings and consequences of the algorithms that shape our access to information. In our first project, we turned our attention to the YouTube video platform out of concern with the spread of fake news, and with the role that social media recommendations are purported to have played in influencing voting decisions in several countries. Five days before the French presidential elections, the data we collected indicates that YouTube’s recommendation algorithm promotes three candidates more than others: the main far-left candidate Mélenchon, the candidate of the alt-right National Front Le Pen, and a less-known candidate supporting “Frexit,” Asselineau. These trends are startling, especially since YouTube is the biggest video hosting platform in France, with more than 28 million unique visitors in February 2017 - almost half of France’s population (source: Médiamétrie). Learn more on our approach here: Press release:
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@adrienm there was an article (on Atlantic, I think?) about how Trump utilised big data to win the election. Google was also, at one point, accused of working the algorithm(?) to promote Hilary. In any case Mélenchon is getting a lot of coverage in the press. Personally I hope he wins
Nice job :) I have added it to my Made in 🇫🇷 collection
Great job and interesting results! Thanks for sharing.
@nico_lrx Thanks Nicolas 🙏 Let us know if you have any questions!
Very interesting ! Awesome job guys !
Awesome work, good job!