Automate DevOps for AI/ML with the AI Layer

Most teams are running into a wall when it comes to deploying their ML models. Algorithmia's AI Layer helps by automating the deployment process so that your Data Scientists can focus on their core functions. We deploy your algorithms as serverless microservices that scale infinitely in just minutes.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Open :)
I am around to answer any questions :)
@doppenhe Diego when do you think this will be open to the public?
@BlendahTom We are working towards public beta over the next month or so. In the mean time we are constantly inviting new users into the private beta. Feel free to contact me at diego at algorithmia dot com and I can expedite that.
Genius! Awesome idea!
Will you be looking to integrate with something like zapier? Opening up your service to non tech people or people who want to quickly and easily prototype things?
@christopher_87 Hey Christopher I was just going through few of the pages and stumbled upon here. Do you want to check ML integration with IFTTT (sorry no Zap yet). We're doing exactly what you're asking for. (
Great team, great product!