Algorithm-Driven Design is a collection of tools that can help us to construct a UI, prepare assets and content, and personalize the user experience. In 2016, the technological foundations of these tools became easily accessible, and the design community got interested in algorithms, neural networks, machine learning, and AI.

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Hi there! I’ve been following the idea of algorithm-driven design for several years now and have collected some practical examples. In 2016, the technological foundations of these tools became easily accessible, and the design community got interested in algorithms, neural networks, and artificial intelligence (AI). Now is the time to rethink the modern role of the designer. I published an article about it on Smashing Magazine in January, 2017 — This website has all of them and more to come. If you have another great example — DM me, I'll add it here.
@gurinovichevgen Thanks! I saw a huge interest for the article and wanted to make these resources more accessible.
@jvetrau hi Yury! I like your Idea. I believe that Algorithms are driving our future. Some time ago we have launched Everypixel - image search engine driven by AI. Could you check it: If you like our mission, please add Everypixel to Algorithm-Driven Design
@kristina_klipfel Thanks for the link! I'll definitely check it and add to the list.
Whoa! This caught my interest! I have been a 3D graphic artist in a past life and used algorithmic programs such as grasshopper and rhino (google Tsinghua University and Studio Link-Arc for a good example) for parametric, architectural / industrial application (which you lightly touched on). I love the start of this resource and bookmarked it, but it seemed conclusive and less open. I would love to be able to see other opinions, how too's, forum even?
@tayler2412 I will definitely improve this website with new examples and collaboration/discussion options! I just wanted to be sure it's worth the effort, but looking at the reaction — it is :)
Thanks for this @jvetrau, and for featuring us on that list. There's a lot of fascinating work in the field of A.I. and design. I've been having some really good conversations with various developers and academics in this field lately, some of which would definitely be worthy of being on this page of yours. I'll drop you a line with some ideas!
@marccrouch Thank you in advance, Marc! It's sad that there are tons of examples and tools in all areas of design except digital product design. Firedrop and other enthusiasts are making it happen sooner :) Will definitely add your examples to the website!
Thanks! This is an awesome collection and quite relevant. @johnmaeda has been writing about Computational Design in his Design In Tech report. I feel like these tools will help more people make the leap from Design Thinking to Computational Design faster.
@kunalslab I was reading through all reports by John Maeda, but for me "Computational design" looks more like an alternative term for "digital product design". Am I wrong?
@jvetrau similar, but the distinction is in the ability to personalize the experience at massive scale while deploying, testing, and learning continuously. Only a handful of companies do this well now (think Facebook, Apple, etc.), where their user base is 100k+. Happy to discuss more offline.
@kunalslab Now I get it, thank you for the clarification. I would definitely like to discuss it more, can you ping me at
Looks promising!
@mike_melanin Thanks, Mike! There are couple of bot-powered tools too :)