Algolia Alexa Skills Kit

Integrate Algolia search into your Amazon Skill

Voice-first is a nascent but growing technology. There are many opportunities for companies to stake their claims early. Algolia’s here to help. Get started with our Alexa Skills Kit adapter to build your own search into your skills.

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Nicolas Dessaigne
Co-founder & CEO, Algolia
Hey hunters, Excited to share with you a quick adapter that one of our voice-search enthusiasts at Algolia put together. Dustin Coates built the Algolia Alexa Skills Kit adapter after having played around with Alexa for years, integrating Algolia into multiple Alexa Skills. He wanted to make it even easier for anyone with an Algolia account to quickly create a powerful Alexa Skill for their store, site or product. We've open sourced the 1.0.0 of this Kit up on GitHub and we'd love to get feedback from the PH community on this. Conversational UI & voice specifically is a big part of the future of search, and we're excited to make powerful search available to anyone looking to make an Alexa Skill. Please tell us what you think, we love feedback! -Nicolas
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David Ryan
Creator of Corilla.
@dessaigne congrats to the team on another great project. The potential for using this as a channel for guided instructional documentation is very interesting. It's got me thinking about having a weekend hack to see if we can string these into the Corilla API. Great work open sourcing it too!
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Wilhem Pujar
CEO at Stacktical
You guys never stop, do you :) Great job.
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Hicham TahiriCEO of
I love what you do guys, especially when it comes to voice! GG
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Sometimes Alexa STT is not accurate enough. It would be great to have a phonetic matching feature same as you are currently doing with typos.
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