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A wise (wo)man once said: "One Leet­Code prob­lem a day keeps un­em­ploy­ment away". If you wish to prac­tice cod­ing prob­lems for job in­ter­views; or just sim­ply like solv­ing puz­zles in form of cod­ing - this app is your bud­dy.
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Looks nice and clean . Any chance of launching an android version?
@underdoganiket Thanks for your interest - I am considering making AlgoKitty available on Android, hopefully can roll it out in a couple of months. Please stay tuned for the next updates!
@underdoganiket @itsmeichigo Would love it for Android as well ! How can we get notified when that become available?
@leo_benkel you're welcome to follow my twitter (@itsmeichigo) - i'll make sure to update details there. So sorry I don't have a newsletter myself 😕
@underdoganiket @leo_benkel Hi guys, AlgoKitty is now available on Android. I have updated the Google Play store, come grab it and let me know what you think! 🥳
Hi PH community! 👋 When in between jobs, I found myself struggling to brush up my knowledge on algorithms and coding skills to prepare for whiteboard interviews, and realized how it would be better if I had taken my time practicing everyday instead of rushing (with panic and self-loathing due to unemployment, yes). That's the reason I decided to build an app that's simple and convenient enough to help me and my fellow developer friends combat laziness and procrastination; and develop a healthy habit of taking on coding challenges everyday, as this is the skill that needs building up patiently, gradually. I have gathered the most useful features in this very first version of the app: ✅More than 800 free LeetCode problems (🙏kudos to the amazing source) ✅Link to available LeetCode articles if any ✅Solutions collected from popular GitHub repos (🙏kudos to dev community) ✅Convenient filters and option to view random challenges ✅iCloud syncing to make sure your progress and settings are in synced between your devices Some premium features: ⏰Reminders set up to get notified with daily challenges 📝Ability to save notes for each problem and share with friends 🌗Dark mode for night owls I really hope this app can prove itself useful to other developers like how it does to me 🐱Please let me know if y'all have any feedbacks / suggestions to make it even better!

I kinda like it and want to use it everyday, just like my herbal tea.


Looks neat


Only 2 themes

Huong, this app looks so cool congrats on your launch. How different is this from Swift playground? I don't the intricacies on Swift PG so would be nice to know. I'm looking for apps just like this one to start my son on coding as soon as he can read.
@marcperel Hi Marc! Essentially Swift Playground developed by Apple is a platform for playing or experimenting with Swift language; it comes with an IDE to run Swift programs. AlgoKitty however focuses on making it convenient to practice coding challenges, i.e solving puzzles using any programming language or pseudo code - as a preparation for whiteboard interview sessions or just purely for fun 🙂 For kids I'd recommend getting them started with logic and programming with apps that offer simple but fun interactive challenges, then play around with Swift PG to understand programming better before learning more about algorithms and practicing them.
@itsmeichigo Dude thanks for the reply, definitely going to take this onboard, and good luck with your app :)
Hi again PH Community! I am thrilled to announce that AlgoKitty is now available on Android too! The link to the app on Google Play Store has been updated, so everyone can now practice coding everyday! We are still working hard every week to bring more features to the apps and provide the best experiences for our fellow programmer friends and coding enthusiasts. Please let us know if you have any suggestions to improve the apps and make coding even more fun! Cheers 🎉🌈❤️