AlgoExpert is a website that helps prospective Software Engineers prepare for algorithm-intensive programming interviews. 65 video explanations of popular interview questions with solutions in JavaScript, Python, C++, Java, and Go.
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Binoy PKsoftware engg love coding
I joined AlgoExperts ( They have a wide ranges of questions on data structure,various algorithm etc, the questions can be grouped either by difficulty levels or by category. For each question there is conception overview followed by code walk through. They have an option to run our test cases, which helps to debug the code. The sites supports 5 popular coding languages. Its still early days but i am confident in 1 or 2 months time i will be able take on any coding challenges :) Disclaimer: I bought a one-time subscription for the year which cost around $72(actual value $85) with a promo code which I found online. I became an affiliate today. So shameless self-promotion you could use my promo code uigzj-10 for a 15% discount on AlgoExpert and SystemsExpert. (
Bilal AhmedProgrammer
Before we talk about AlgoExpert, let's first talk about what happens in a technical interview In a technical interview (software) your knowledge and skills in Data Structures and Algorithms is tested. Your problem solving skills are tested, your ability and skill to design a system is tested. In a coding interview, the interviewer may ask you to give various solutions to a problem, not just one but he may start off with asking you to find a naive (basic) solution to the problem and once you are done with that, he will ask you to improve your solution, like tweak your algorithm to consume less time/memory. He will continue to test you until he is satisfied with your approach of solving the problem. AlgoExpert is a platform which prepares you for the coding interview and system design interview. I purchased AlgoExpert a few months ago, and after solving about half the problems, I can honestly say that my problem solving skills are much better than before. The most valuable feature of AlgoExpert is the video explanations of the problems which makes you understand how to approach each problem. Each problem has 2 or 3 or sometimes 4 solutions. They start from the naive (basic) approach to the most efficient approach of solving the given problem. Each approach has been explained in the video solutions. There are a lot of resources available for learning, but AlgoExpert differentiates its product by providing the ‘how’ and ‘why’ in clear and concise videos. If you want to get an idea of the video explanations, check out a few sample videos on the official AlgoExpert youtube channel - Every question has a solution in Eight languages ( C++, Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, Go, Swift, TypeScript). The content is updated regularly, more and more questions are added each month. When I purchased algoexpert a few months ago, there were only 85 coding interview questions and 6 system design questions. But, now there are 100 coding interview questions and 8 design questions. The system design fundamentals teach you the foundational knowledge you need to ace the systems design interviews. The videos explain the concepts of system design in a clear and concise way. Also, there are 8 system design interview questions, each with a video explaining how to solve the given problem. You cannot compare AlgoExpert to other platforms like leetcode, CodeChef, etc. It has its own niche. The most important feature of AlgoExpert is the video explanations of each problem. For a beginner like me, these explanations are very important to understand the concepts and also to learn techniques of problem solving. If you are a student and you want to start a career in competitive programming or if you are preparing for an interview then I can say that AlgoExpert is one of the best platforms out there that can help you reach your goal. Some of these questions can be asked in the interview, even if they are not, you are equipped with sufficient skills to tackle any question that the interviewer throws at you. You can choose to spend your time scouring the internet for resources, or you can invest your money wisely and get as good a resource as you'll need. AlgoExpert is a big league product, with a high quality selection of algorithms and expert explanations. This is the best place to sharpen your problem solving skills on all the best material. So, Good Luck preparing for your interview. I think right now AlgoExpert is on sale (discount), so if you have decided to purchase it, here is a coupon to get 15% off : gbiag-28