Algo Dashboard

Automate videos with the help of humans and a robot 🤖

Algo is the cloud platform creating real-time, data-driven videos at scale, starting from tailored design templates ✏️

We used it to automatically transform the Product Hunt newsletter into a serie of Insta Stories videos 😻

Or, you can create a video about any of your e-commerce products with a simple copy-paste inside our dashboard ️☑️

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Hey makers 👋 Luca here, Algo co-founder 🤖 For every project our team of (very human) designers creates a tailored video template and codes it to make it speak with live data. Then our video robot works like a tireless animator in the cloud, creating data-driven videos at scale. We’re a managed service only, meaning there’s no one-size-fits-all template. This means your videos will always be handcrafted, unique & tailored to your brand and meaningful (thanks to your data). Algo can create video as quickly as in 30 seconds from trigger to video published, thanks to our cloud render farm. We work with companies big and small to create similar video automations, that allow you to use video to communicate at scale. We’re now accepting inbound projects for the upcoming months, if you’re interested in working with us schedule a demo with our team 🗓 Cheers, Luca
@juliusdesign Thanks buddy! 🙌
This is impressive. Videos like this would take hours to create for a normal video editor alone. Feature request: I'd love for Algo to automate as much of this as possible. Is it possible to offer an Instagram or Snapchat integration so that Algo can publish videos on those platforms without our involvement, @l_isforluca?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Great idea 🙌 We do currently integrate with Facebook and Twitter to automatically post video as organic posts. Snapchat and Instagram APIs aren’t officially supporting automatic upload for organic stories yet, unfortunately. Maybe we need a better contact in these two companies 😎 Nonetheless we made the posting process as simple as possible: you download videos on your mobile device and publish them in a couple of taps. If you want to run videos as Ads, instead, both Instagram and Snapchat allow automatic upload. So, in this case the process can be completely automated from video production to Ad distribution. While we wait for Instagram and Snapchat to add support for this, I can have somebody on our team do it for you guys ;)
@l_isforluca good point. IG and Snap have historically neutered write permissions with their API.
@rrhoover Yeah, and I understand why. But it'd be fantastic if they had a whitelist of developers and companies that are allowed to do so. Automation is going to eat the video field completely, I think.
This is really impressive wish there were more explanation of costs and time/effort to create something. Would also like to better understand the workflow from our team to yours... since you are scrapping the PH newsletter, what happens when they update a design / code change... scrapping is a fragile highly risky business for automation. That said, I want to start a newsletter or data oriented project that can use this!!! Well done!
@helloduane Thanks Duane! You're perfectly right about scraping. We use that to just extract the sentence the PH team uses to describe the product, then we use the Product Hunt API to retrieve all product info. In most projects we avoid use scraping for this reason. Pricing works through a one-time creative fee covering the project creation and automation phase, and a recurring monthly fee to cover server uptime and live support. We need to know a bit about the project you have in mind and we'll provide a custom quote and tell you more about the process. You can schedule a demo with our team using our calendly: Luca
WOW, great job guys! What type of data sources Algo can manage?
@duplikey Thanks Raffaele! Pretty much anything 🎉 - we can connect to APIs when data are a bit complex this is great especially when videos need to be produced in real-time like in the case of sport events like Serie A or the Olympics - we can use a bit of scraping like in the case of the Product Hunt newsletter transformed into videos - or we can even set up a private web page inside our dashboard with a form that the social media team on the client side can use to launch videos
So good and underrated at the same time. 💛
@ldesserrey Merci Laurent 😘working hard to make it less underrated 💪