Algo by AirDev

Turn a Google Sheet model into a web app in 5 minutes

How Algo works:

1) Sign in with Google and connect to the spreadsheet that you want to use.

2) Choose what cells you want to send to the model and what cells you want to receive from the model.

3) Use your app to enter values, run them through the model, and get the results. Make your app public to share with others.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hi all! Our software development firm, AirDev, has had quite a few clients who needed to turn their spreadsheet models into apps. The regular way we do that is by taking the spreadsheet logic and building all of it into their application. However, we decided to make a lightweight tool, Algo, to allow people to just connect to their Google Sheet instead, without having to rebuild the logic. It doesn't yet serve every use case and takes ~5-10 seconds for each run but if you have a model with some inputs and some outputs, you should be able to turn it into a shareable app in just a few minutes. Would love any feedback!
@vladimirleytus Congratulation on your launch :) Can you throw some light on what is your ICP ?
@vladimirleytus Have you used or google API?
@jedrzejurbanski we've used Sheetsu before but this product connects directly through the Google API
Great job!! ๐Ÿ˜Š Will check it out
Trying to create an App right now and having some issues. Have sent you guys a support ticket. Hopefully you can assist me and I can share the finished app in here. :)
Sounds great! Do you think this product will evolve?
@daniel_roger_casanova it's likely to, assuming people use it and ask for more stuff :)
@daniel_roger_casanova @vladimirleytus - Hey this sounds great, very similar to many other products juggling with the same concept of converting sheets/forms to apps. Good luck!