All your rental bookings in one handy schedule 🏡

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Alfred is a web app that aggregates all your bookings from multiple properties under one handy schedule that can be shared with your team.

Your team can add notes and mark guests as checked in & out. Invite Alfred to your chat group and he will keep everyone updated.




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Scott Bowler@scotty_bowler · Co-founder
Good luck with the launch :)
AlejandroMaker@lopify · I do apps at
Wesley Forlines@wesleyforlines · Maker at FormFunc.
An assistant app named Alfred… ring a bell to anyone?
@wesleyforlines I’d blame batman on this one...
AlejandroMaker@lopify · I do apps at
@wesleyforlines @schpn Alfred Pennyworth is the original inspiration :-) I even got the domain
Vaclav Bedrich@vaclav_bedrich · Founder @ & Bold92
@lopify are you planning to include any other services on top of the properties? Such as cars via or Arounded.
AlejandroMaker@lopify · I do apps at
@vaclav_bedrich not planned yet but it's a great idea! I will add it to the list :-D
Vaclav Bedrich@vaclav_bedrich · Founder @ & Bold92
@lopify If so, I am in. Even for 2x higher price.
Max Busch@giveyours · Maker of GiveYours
Great idea, however i don't know if i would pay for the subscription plan since i don't have many guest right now...
AlejandroMaker@lopify · I do apps at
@giveyours ☺️👍