Turn your unused smartphones into home surveillance cameras.

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Install Alfred mobile app on two Android phones.One is your Camera at your designated location and take the other one with you as a Viewer.Use the same Google account to setup the viewer and camera.With Alfred’s motion detection feature you are alerted with surveillance photos. Supports multiple Viewers and multiple Cameras.Two-way audio. Talk to your baby and pets. And its free!!
Similar to Camiocam (cc @cartermaslan). P.S. I have to call out that ninja stock photography photo halfway down the landing page. 😂
@cartermaslan @rrhoover yup! similar, but Camio (we recently changed our name from CamioCam) works not just on Android, but on any iOS device, and from any computer with a webcam.
@harryraymond Hahahaha, Alfred is so busy multitasking.
Any concern over being confused with Alfred the concierge service? Curious on why you chose to name it this...
@andythegiant, here is why. I can never get tired of the story: Every dad and mom is a superhero. You are playing different roles, and you play well. You are the superheroes. You need to stay strong for your family. We aspire to be the most reliable housekeeper and the most staunch support for superheroes.
@reneelingyeh Being completely candid, I think there is a branding misstep here. Your reference here is "Alfred" of the Batman series, when in all fairness, you are creating a product that is more "Robin" in nature. While Alfred does in fact tend the Batcave, he does not actively watch over Batman's safety the way in which Robin does. I'd also be hesitant to base a product name on a reference that will most likely escape the majority of your potential customer audience.