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#2 Product of the DayNovember 18, 2014
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Thank you @rrhoover & @kwdinc for the support and Product Hunt love! We'll convince you soon Ryan ;) We are excited to be expanding our beta in NYC & Boston, and give more people back their time. Learn more and sign up at Also happy to answer any questions even though I think Kevin did a pretty good job explaining!
Bryan Harris
Bryan HarrisPro@harris_bryan
@mssapone stick Nashville on the 'cities to come to next' list :)
Dwight Churchill
Dwight Churchill@dwightchurchill · currently goldman sachs, prev localytics
@mssapone will HQ remain in Boston?
Honey Raj Varma
Honey Raj Varma@raj_ventures · Raj Ventures, R&Ds
@mssapone Loved this idea at the TechCrunch Battlefield 2014 - great work on the expansion! Please bring to D.C. soon :D Btw, I wonder if you guys have a tv ad? Imagine the possibilities :)
@Harris_Bryan we definitely will, and you'll be the first to know!
@raj_ventures Thanks for the support! We are working on getting to D.C. don't worry. We don't have a TV ad yet, but we agree there's a lot we can do. Would love to hear your ideas :)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
TechCrunch's Battlefield 2014 winner, Alfred, just launched in NY and Boston (congrats, @mssapone!). This service isn't for me but I can see families getting a ton of value from something like this. If time is your most valuable resource, $99/month will be well worth it for some
Julia Roy
Julia Roy@juliaroy · Founder, workhacks
@rrhoover @mssapone Considering how much a single housekeeping cleaning typically costs in NY (around $40 per appointment,) this is a steal as long as you book an Alfred appointment weekly.
Jesse Middleton
Jesse Middleton@srcasm · VC @Flybridge. Co-founder @WeWorkLabs.
@juliaroy @rrhoover @mssapone the $99/month does not include the cleaning as far as I know. So you still have to pay for that, I believe.
@srcasm @juliaroy @rrhoover You're right the $99/month does not include the additional services. For those you pay cost or less (we negotiate discounts for our members).
Jesse Middleton
Jesse Middleton@srcasm · VC @Flybridge. Co-founder @WeWorkLabs.
@mssapone @juliaroy @rrhoover still waiting for it in our hood. :) Asked Christian for it again today. #hugefan
@srcasm @juliaroy @rrhoover We're working on it Jesse! We really appreciate all your support.
Andrew Condurache
Andrew Condurache@acondurache · Maker
Glad to see Alfred is expanding. The logistics behind it must either be real efficient or the margins real tight... wonder how much is each "Alfred" compensated?
@acondurache Thank you for your support! Compensation is between $18-$25/hr.
Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Users initially go through a little quiz. With the questions, Alfred learns as much as it can about you.Once Alfred has basic information about you, they’ll assign you an Alfred.Alfred offers the opportunity to meet the Alfred, or at the very least, hop on the phone to discuss the details of your specific home. You can then arrange to give a copy of your keys to your new Alfred, or use the app to scan your key and remotely offer a copy to your Alfred helper. After that pick a good schedule. Alfred comes once a week on a set day and time, and then again two days later. Your Alfred will pick up your dirty laundry, drop off purchased groceries, unwrap your delivered packages and put away the contents, and tidy up the house. The service handles the basics like grocery, laundry, and home cleaning, but also offers things like tailoring, shoe repair, and prescription pick-up.
Jelena Woehr
Jelena Woehr@jelenawoehr · Director of Community, Flipagram
This is intriguing, but I don't understand the pricing structure entirely. You pay Alfred to manage all this, but the partner vendors (Homejoy, Instacart, etc.) then also bill you? Or Alfred's bill is $99 for coordination +X for services actually used? Is this essentially a human Zapier that coordinates services you already use, or an umbrella service costing $99/mo + cost of services used? I'm only on my first cup of coffee, pardon me if I'm missing the obvious.