Alfa-Bank + Nokia 3310

The first ever Nokia 3310 app for banking

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Hi Hunters! Today we are introducing the first ever Nokia 3310 banking app. With Alfa-Mobile for 3310 you'll be able to: - Proceed any financial operations using your 3310 - Check status of your accounts at a glance - Pay using templates in just a click Hope you'll enjoy your Nokia 3310 even more!
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Very nice solution and strategic approach to grow your market in mass segment. I believe that this alfa mobile on legendary Nokia 3310 will give extraordinary boost to the client growth! Go Alfa
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You are absolutely crazy Russians! Great job. Good remake and curious story about entering to new markets. How did you even come up with this?
Wow, sounds great! Hoping it’s not an April Fools’ prank. Planning to get a Nokia 3310 myself. Happy to test 🙂
I know guys from Alfalab, they are always first on the local market! The First banking app for Apple watch immediatelly after start of the sales? Yeah, alfamobile. The first available wristband with contactless payments? Yeah, it's them again. So if it's not a joke, you're the first again! Awesome! How can i get my new Nokia 3310? :p Does your app support contactless payments? Like apple pay, but without apple? :)
@denya thanks mate! Just leave your email down the link and you'll get all info on the Nokia 3310 app soon :)
@denya Haha, nope, Nokia does not support contactless payments but you can proceed any other operations with the 3310 :)