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Mike Pascoe PhD@mpascoe · Anatomy Instructor, Univ of Colorado
Can I use this to give Alexa the skill of answering questions about human anatomy? Alexa, what nerve innervated the biceps brachii? 💪🏼
Andrew Goodwin@andrewgene · iOS Developer
@mpascoe If you ever release this, please let me know! Great idea. My wife has her doctorate in PT and my kids have been very interested in anatomy recently.
Slobodan StojanovićMaker@slobodan_ · CTO of Cloud Horizon
@mpascoe of course, but it would be something like "Alexa ask Anatomy Bot what nerve innervated the biceps brachii" :) And it requires some programming :) Nice idea!
Kevin Guebert@kevinguebert · Working on
Oh this is awesome @slobodan_ - I've been using Flask-Ask as my go-to so far, I'm excited to try out this package though! What was your motivation around building this library? Do you have any/what are your plans for future development?
Slobodan StojanovićMaker@slobodan_ · CTO of Cloud Horizon
@kevinguebert thanks! Well, I am experimenting with some Alexa Skills in the past few weeks and one of my clients want to create a Skill for his meditating app. My main tool for chatbot development is Claudia Bot Builder (, but since I don't need those new Alexa Skill on other chatbot platforms I don't want to use API Gateway. That's not possible with Claudia Bot Builder so I applied the same principles to Alexa Skill Kit, just for Alexa development. For plans, I am planning to add a few more features depending on what I need. When we integrate analytics in Claudia Bot Builder I'll try to add that too. And finally, I am planning to make a few step-by-step examples soon. If you try it, I would love to hear your feedback and feel free to send any feature requests, of course.
Kevin Guebert@kevinguebert · Working on
@slobodan_ Thanks for the background and the reply! Looks like you've got a lot on your plate with this guy 😎 Let me know if you need any help! Also, A++ on documentation and testing 👌
Slobodan StojanovićMaker@slobodan_ · CTO of Cloud Horizon
@kevinguebert thanks 😄 PRs are always welcome!