Alexa Skill Kit

Effortless Alexa Skill development with AWS Lambda

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Can I use this to give Alexa the skill of answering questions about human anatomy? Alexa, what nerve innervated the biceps brachii? 💪🏼
@mpascoe If you ever release this, please let me know! Great idea. My wife has her doctorate in PT and my kids have been very interested in anatomy recently.
@mpascoe of course, but it would be something like "Alexa ask Anatomy Bot what nerve innervated the biceps brachii" :) And it requires some programming :) Nice idea!
Oh this is awesome @slobodan_ - I've been using Flask-Ask as my go-to so far, I'm excited to try out this package though! What was your motivation around building this library? Do you have any/what are your plans for future development?
@kevinguebert thanks! Well, I am experimenting with some Alexa Skills in the past few weeks and one of my clients want to create a Skill for his meditating app. My main tool for chatbot development is Claudia Bot Builder (, but since I don't need those new Alexa Skill on other chatbot platforms I don't want to use API Gateway. That's not possible with Claudia Bot Builder so I applied the same principles to Alexa Skill Kit, just for Alexa development. For plans, I am planning to add a few more features depending on what I need. When we integrate analytics in Claudia Bot Builder I'll try to add that too. And finally, I am planning to make a few step-by-step examples soon. If you try it, I would love to hear your feedback and feel free to send any feature requests, of course.
@slobodan_ Thanks for the background and the reply! Looks like you've got a lot on your plate with this guy 😎 Let me know if you need any help! Also, A++ on documentation and testing 👌
@kevinguebert thanks 😄 PRs are always welcome!