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Chatamo is the world’s first free Alexa skill builder. What used to take stacks of cash and loads of time to develop is now reduced to a few simple clicks.

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Andy Wilkins
Andy WilkinsMaker@andy_wilkins · CEO @ FutrAI & Chatamo
Hello Hunters! 😺 We felt it was time businesses (or anyone for that matter!) had the chance to build their own Alexa skills for free. So we built Chatamo, the world’s first free Alexa skill builder. As well as Alexa, Chatamo lets you deploy your bot to a ton of other channels too (including Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.) Feedback would be appreciated ❤
Krishna De
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
@andy_wilkins Looking forward to testing this - fyi you might want to amend your marketing copy "Chatamo is the world’s first free Alexa skill builder" as there are other free Alexa skills tools - for example Storyline that allows you to create Alexa skills and flash briefings.
Hari Mahesh
Hari Mahesh@harimahesh · partner operations, emergence capital
@andy_wilkins I personally built an Alexa Skill (using ASK and Lambda) that captures weather data from OpenWeatherMap API and, based on the weather and temperature, the Alexa response would have a different message with text variables. I've been looking to port this over to Google Home, and Chatamo might be an amazing way to extend this skill beyond just Alexa and Google Home. However, I am unable to find on the landing site whether there are features capture data from external APIs and create custom logic-driven responses through Chatamo. Furthermore, I tried to sign up for an account, but it won't let me sign in after verification and can't actually access the tool.
Andy Wilkins
Andy WilkinsMaker@andy_wilkins · CEO @ FutrAI & Chatamo
@harimahesh Hi Hari. Thanks so much for your comment. Our current level of API integration allows you to call our Chatano API to embed conversation within your own application, and at present we’re still working on integration with external APIs. Re: login, I’m really sorry to hear that. Can you try again by clicking on the link to app.chatamo.com in the verification email you received? (Please check you Junk if its not in your inbox). Thanks, Andy
Udhaw Kumar
Udhaw Kumar@udhaw_kumar · Google Ads Partner
Chatamo is an awesome bot creator for small businesses! In case you have the requirement of custom conversational interface, contact Azumo, a San Francisco based Intelligent Software development company: https://azumo.co/