Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty Tool

Reveals keywords your site can actually rank for!

#3 Product of the DayApril 01, 2016
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This seems like a great tool, but what I think a lot of these companies miss is that by charging money you're actually loosing out on a lot of potential business. This isn't their core product, just a supporting tool that provides value for the community, so why charge for it? From a technical marketing perspective, creating free tools is one of the best ways to grow your business. On the other hand, Alexa is an established business, so maybe the same rules don't apply as would for a startup.
Alexa's Organic Keyword Difficulty Tool reveals your sites ability to rank for keywords using their unique Competitive Power Score. Your Site's score will help you understand which search terms are worth your time & effort, and which are out of your league. I'm excited about this one, truly a time (life) saver. No more guesswork, and no more lost time!
@marcosmoralez very cool, I'm about to check the 7 day trial :)
@marcosmoralez Hi Marcos! Thanks so much for hunting us. You're the best :)
I've tried many other tools for this sort of thing. With other companies such as HitTail providing tools similar to this, they all have their own unique ways of doing it. The keywords here seem to be a bit different than other tools have recommended, but I'm excited to give it a try, and will keep you posted!
Hi @jimmylipham. Kim here from Alexa. Glad to hear you'll try it. Please feel free to share your feedback as we find that very valuable. Like you said, this tool is very different than others. One of the ways it's unique is in how highly relevant the keyword suggestions are. They are based on the concept of "people who searched your seed query also searched these other queries." So the list of results are highly tailored to the audience that would tend to search the seed term you input. Also, we measure the competitiveness of each keyword in the context of how well your domain could compete on that term. In other words, we help you find terms where you'll be "punching your weight." Would love to hear your feedback after you use it. Thanks!
This tool seems very useful! Great idea.
Excited to test this out!