Alex the Brave

A children's book that challenges gender stereotypes

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Written and produced by my wife @amienlockwood and illustrated by @tinocellupica
The illustration is really nice! :)
@hanu_bar Thanks Barbora! They were done by @tinocellupica and he was amazing, he managed to get everything out of my head and onto the page incredibly well.
@hanu_bar A little insight into how it was done...
@amienlockwood Thanks for sharing this :)
Love the illustration on this. So great. Is the gender stereotyping a thing which you challenge with the story or with the illustration?
@iammarcthomas Thanks Mark, it's the work of @tinocellupica - he did such a great job! Stereotypes aren't mentioned at all in the story, I was keen that the story wan't about stereotyping, I just wanted it to feature non-stereotypical characters.
@amienlockwood @tinocellupica Tino is a positive human ✌️🍵
@iammarcthomas @tinocellupica My favourite kind of human!