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Josh Cottrell
Co-founder, Market.Space
Hey Product Hunters! MarketSpace scans news, app updates, social posts, videos and more to track your competition, clients, sales prospects, partners or portfolios. (It’s also great for following your own company and products.) We deliver your customized results wherever you want them, including Slack, RSS, email digest, web-app, Google Sheets and more on the way. This is no zombie monitor like you’ve used before; we curate the results to maximize signal and minimize noise. We’ve also built in dozens of charts to quantify and visualize your MarketSpace. Each one is interactive and exportable.

 Special offer for Product Hunters: The first 100 users from Product Hunt will receive free concierge setup. That means a real live human being will make sure your account gets setup properly and will dial in your account for the best signal-to-noise ratio. Just choose Product Hunt as one of the companies in your MarketSpace (you can turn it off later) and we’ll flag your account for concierge treatment. The link takes you to a set of popular and fresh MarketSpaces ranging from 3D Printing to the First Round Capital Portfolio. From there, follow the cues to customize one of those or build your own. By the way, be sure to put in companies or products that you really want to follow closely. Instead of putting in Google or Yahoo!, pick a specific product that they offer or you’ll be overwhelmed.
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Jim BrockFounder and Leader
I'm on the MarketSpace team and wanted to ask folks to let us know if you'd like us to add new MarketSpaces here for any addition industries.
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Sam Doshi
Co Founder @
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