All the movies, all your streaming platforms, in one app.

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Paul Smith
Paul SmithHunter@paul_a_smith · Global Field Operations, Hyperloop One
It's early stages for the AlertFilm team, and this is very much their MVP. The vision is this app that sits alongside all your favourite streaming services, bringing together news, commentary, community and notifications. It's really interesting to see what they go next.
Austin Sandmeyer
Austin Sandmeyer@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
Awesome! I love this anything to make the experience better than what it is now! I mean now I barely know where to even look for something! 🙌
Pippa R
Pippa R@pippateer · Head of App Products, Radio France
Great idea - would be even better if I could sync with my IMDB Watchlist...
Benjamin Garnier
Benjamin GarnierMaker@benjamin_garnier
@pippateer Thank you! It's on our Roadmap! :)
Austin Sandmeyer
Austin Sandmeyer@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
@benjamin_garnier @pippateer Genius! Maybe even with Letterboxd down the road farther? 😉 (Featured 2 week ago) (
Andy Buckingham
Andy Buckingham@andybee · Creative Technologist, togglebit
Love the Plex integration alongside Netflix and cinema. Hope to see it grow to cover things like Amazon Prime, too.
Benjamin Garnier
Benjamin GarnierMaker@benjamin_garnier
@andybee Amazon Prime is the next platform which will be available!
Aaron G
Aaron G@botolo86
@benjamin_garnier @andybee When you add Amazon Prime, remember to include any add-on subscription (I have Showtime through my Prime account). Also, please add Hulu. Good job!
jonthebeef@jonthebeef · Product Lead, Strategist and Designer.
Looks interesting. Would love to see it do better recommendations than Netflix. Oh yes, and an apple tv app please.
Benjamin Garnier
Benjamin GarnierMaker@benjamin_garnier
@jonthebeef The playlists are going to be improved in the next update :) Apple TV is on our roadmap as well! Thank you!