Get your important emails delivered to a Slack channel

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Slack was supposedly created to kill email. This kind of screws that up.
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@chrismessina this doesn't send ALL your email to Slack btw. You choose alerts for specific emails, domains, or keywords.
@chrismessina Or maybe it's a bridge to weaning off email?
@chrismessina Communications outside the company are still mostly via email. Or for at least those that are, I found this handy to immediately have emails distributed to channels that need to know or act on it.
@tedr @msg for the record, I was being facetious. πŸ˜‘
Awesome idea, @msg. A while ago I was looking for an app or way to send "real" important emails to my phone via push notifications, rather than every email I receive. Using this, one could create a channel in Slack with push enabled. Anything that's shared there, is delivered to your phone.
@rrhoover this is exactly how I use it
It's true β€” email isn't going away, at least not anytime soon. Slack is generally reserved for internal communication while email is still widely used for external communication. This bridges the gap quite nicely.
Thanks @chrismessina for posting. Lmk if anyone has any questions.
i wish sanebox emails would land straight in slack. i am sure there is a way?
@ourielohayon do your sanebox emails go to your inbox or another folder? I intentionally didnt want to have an entire inbox come into slack
@msg inbox. and it s a solid filter of what matters to me already
@ourielohayon solid. I bet I can detect if you are sanebox user and then offer you the option. but I wouldnt want to turn this on for everybody
@msg let the user decide with opt in.