Alea Air

Get the perfect temperature in any room.

Introducing Alea Air: An Intelligent Vent System For Room-by-Room Climate Comfort, Improved Air Quality, and Substantial Reduction in Home Energy Usage.

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Alea's vision is to help transform HVAC from a brute force, supply-driven system into a smart demand-driven one capable of distributing air only to the rooms that need it, at the time they require it. These sensor-laden vents are a first and fundamental step towards that goal.
hi there, do you have it in the market or you will do crowdfunding for it?
@astghik_azaryan Hi, Alea is available now for pre-order:
I’m so pleased because literally yesterday I had the idea for this product, but now I don’t need to start a company to get it! Also yesterday I discovered Keen home and liked what I saw there. How are you different/better to keen? Thanks
@guesto Hi Chris, good timing! Thanks for the interest and question. There are a number of ways we are differentiating ourselves. A few bullets include: • Alea does not require any external sensor pucks -- Each Alea vent includes 11 sensors for broad data capture capability (to our knowledge, Keen offers just 3 sensors). • Our sensors allow us to model each room’s thermal profile and the home’s air distribution pattern which provide us with valuable data necessary to monitor the performance of the system and alert owners as to when to change their filter, top up their AC refrigerant, service their HVAC, etc. • 3 of the 11 sensors are dedicated to determining accurate air and room temperature (taking readings from the incoming air temperature from the duct, surface temperature of the device, and the room temperature using IR thermometer.) • Air Quality sensor in each unit to monitor healthy breathing conditions of the home. • Alea has Bluetooth for direct control of the vent from the mobile app and 915MHz radio for gateway connectivity (130 ft range) to the cloud. • Alea vents include our energy harvesting technology to recharge the battery and enable a multi year battery life. • We offer 7 vent sizes for pre-order and have built Alea in a modular way that allows us to quickly support additional vent sizes moving forward. Please let us know if you should have any additional questions. Thank you.
@brad_landthorn1 Sounds great! Thanks. If the vent in my son's room is on the floor in a corner by a window, can the Alea vent realistically get a good read on the temp in the room?
@guesto The infrared sensor was added to measures temperature across the room. We also take a reading of the device temperature and the incoming air temperature from the system. Beyond this, each vent has a humidity sensor and UV Ambient light sensor to measure external sources of heat in the room - including sunlight. With this data, Alea can accurately determine the room temperature. Thank you.
@brad_landthorn1 Sounds pretty sweet. Thanks for answering!
This is awesome! How many of these units do you plan on making?
@irosenb Hi Isaac, we are tooling for very high production (100s of Ks) but to start we will build in limited batches as defined by demand. Our very first batch in January will be just 1K for early adopters (first come, first served). February volume will be decided by end of October.
I thought about this about 5 years ago and a company tried it on Indiegogo in 2013 Check out KeenVent on #indiegogo! There have been a number of them including Flair with a smart vent. Love the concept but unsure if the profitability is there
@automateiq Hi Chris, our approach is based on data and sets us apart. We started with the principle that we had to leverage sensors (11 vs 3 for existing vents) to understand and measure two important issues in order to deliver value: 1) measure and analyze the thermal characteristics of the room (size, how well insulated, sun exposure profile, etc.) and 2) model the home's air distribution and actual HVAC performance. That not only allows us to better meet users' preferences, but also enables new services valuable to both the users and the HVAC professionals.
@hamidfar Sounds awesome! I'll take a deeper look. My A/C bill in AZ is $600 in the summer so this might be very helpful.