File conversion, all from the menu bar 🔮

Image conversion and merging made easy. Simply drag and drop your image files to seamlessly convert them into a variety of formats, or merge them into a PDF or gif. Works with (almost) every image format. All from the convenience of the menu bar.

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Hey guys thanks for the support! If you are interested, please submit issues or PRs at We really appreciate your help!
Wow, This is nice
Just tried and it does not work. Also, when I click outside the box, I want it to disappear
@raffanegro hi Raffaele thanks for the comment. We have fixed the link (we apologize). Currently we have seen it favorable to keep the box open to make dragging more files in easier, but please submit an issue at if you would like that to change!
The download link on the first web page goes to a 404. If you want to download, either go here ( or hover over the downward facing arrow next to "Get It," then click the bottom tab titled "Website."