IoT device to brew your own wine + cider at home from fruit

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These guys are great. I was one of the first people that they met as soon as they arrived 'off the boat' to SF from Taiwan a year ago, as they'd seen me on Product Hunt. I'm really pleased that they've now been able to launch their campaign. This smart device is all you need to be able to homebrew your own wine and cider. The device connects to your smart phone and has a built in scale and sensors to monitor the alcohol level, temperature etc. to let you know when your brew is done. It also has UV (or similar technology) rays, which disinfect your device after each use. I didn't know, but there's actually a lot of variables that can go wrong if you tried to brew wine or cider by hand; as the fermentation process is quite delicate. I've tried some of the sweet wine; cider and more that this device has produced and it tastes great! This is also very affordable at ~$350 discounted KS price. Brewbot for example (for brewing beer), which has raised $1.5 million has a DISCOUNTED price of $4000.
@_jacksmith Thanks for sharing!
Great Stuff! I know a few people (besides my self) that would love this! great job!
@supermanuelsaez Everyone can make their own ALCOHOL at home! Yay.
Summer time. Wish I had this now!
@eric_dy Be the coolest party host!
We know that homebrewing is not easy. Your brew can be easily  contaminated, it's difficult to brew correctly and it can be a mess.     With Alchema, we make the process simple and fun. Each device contains a automatic  sanitizer and sensors that monitor your homebrew. Our algorithms make sure that each  brew is perfect.     To make a brew, all you have to do is add fruit, sugar, water, and yeast. Each brew  takes about one to two weeks to complete. The Alchema app even notifies you when  your brew is complete.  Hope you guys love it.
I tried ciders made with Alchema at HAX open house. Really good stuff. You can see they are really dedicated with making a great product for the users. Looking to follow their progress and enjoy more the great cider from Alchema